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  Haruno Yoshida Memorial Executive Committee(Haruno Yoshida MEC)

(Voluntary organization)  



Background of its inauguration

On June 30, 2019, a women with extraordinary passion was called to heaven.

Haruno Yoshida-
After serving as the first female president and chairman of BT Japan, Haruno served as the vice chairman of the council, the first female senior executive of the Japan Business Federation. On June 29, 2019, at an event at the G20 Osaka Summit, Haruno delivered a strong, memorable message on her vision as Co-chair of the Steering Committee of W20, one of the official engagement groups of the G20.

Her vision, captured in one sentence, was “New Prosperity through Women’s Empowerment”.

However, each one of us who were fortunate enough to have worked with Haruno has received a large amount of wisdom regarding her vision – far too many to be captured in one sentence.

It would be a great driving force for all of society if we could not only engrave in our hearts the messages we received, but also share those messages with others and make the economy the driving force for business and forming society. All those who share that view have gathered here.

Our goal is to promote Haruno Yoshida's vision, "New Prosperity through Women’s Empowerment". Haruno Yoshida envisioned the realization of Women's EXPO as a milestone at the 2025 Osaka Expo. Five years from now, we would like to become a force that is many times greater than it is now and show the world a new form of economic growth. To that end, we have organized the our first Haruno Yoshida Memorial event "New Prosperity” on July 2, 2020.



We will contribute to the realization of "New Prosperity through Women’s Empowerment”, through mutual learning and growth, and proactive approaches towards businesses and society at large. 



 ・Realization of "New Prosperity through Women's Empowerment"
・Wide dissemination of "New Prosperity through Women’s Empowerment” through the organization of Women's EXPO 2025
・Expansion of women's networks in each field through the holding of events by each subcommittee, leading to women's empowerment.

Established in

May 2020

Tsukiko Tsukahara (President and CEO of Kaleidist Co., Ltd.)

New Prosperity through Women's Empowerment

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